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"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer." -Rick Pitino

Finding the right youth sports trainer starts HERE!


How it works

Our booking process is very simple and is available to you any time you are ready to reserve one of our trainers.


Search our list of young experienced trainers who best fit your young athlete's needs.


Choose the trainer you want and see in our booking app what times they are available


Reserve your date, time, and location in our app.  You will also make a deposit to reserve your trainer.


That's it!  Your trainer will confirm your session with you.


Why choose us


You can make a reservation and have a trainer meet with your young athlete the same day, where available. 


Our diverse group of trainers can be reserved online on your computer or mobile device.  You can find a trainer to work around your schedule.


All of our trainers are young and relatable.  They are driven to motivate young athletes to do their best while making sure that they enjoy it. 


We want every young person to get the most out of the sport they love.  But want parents to be able to do so without hesitation of high fees.


our Services

Personal Session

We give our undivided attention to needs of the young athlete

Pairs Session

Training session for 2 young athletes to train together.

Group Session

Groups of three or more can to work in team environment. *The price is $20/person/hr with a minimum of 3 people required to sign up.

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